Candelas Rocks!
Candelas Rocks!

Candelas Rocks! is a community scavenger hunt that was created exclusively for the Candelas Community and sponsored by Natalia Blackie, a resident and Realtor® of Candelas in Arvada, CO.

Natalia and her husband were one of the first 10 residents that moved into the community back in 2012 when it was first under development. They love their neighborhood, and enjoy participating in all the wonderful activities year-round that the community provides. Natalia is also a member of the Candelas community ambassador program.

The scavenger hunt is a fun way to encourage kindness, motivate, inspire, and spread cheer to everyone within our community.

Residents are encouraged to KEEP, SHARE, or REHIDE their rock finds. Fun themes will be hidden throughout the community throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates on themes, new designs, and behind the scenes photos.

Please feel free to email your photos ( or share them online on the official Candelas Rocks! group page on Facebook.

Happy Rock Hunting!


Natalia Blackie, Candelas Resident Realtor®
Official sponsor
RE/MAX Alliance

“One act of love from someone, can start a chain reaction. It all begins in the heart. And the power of one.” – Bomshel

Below is a gallery of images submitted by participating #CandelasRockstars via Facebook and email. Thank you for spreading kindness!